Special Offer Calf Compression Sleeves,MEIKAN – Compression Leg Sleeves (1 Pair) / Calf Guards for Shin Splint, Varicose Vein & Calf Pain Relief,Circulation & Leg Cramp Compression Support Sleeve – Running, Jogging, Cycling, Fitness & Exercise Enhanced Performance – Men & Women


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After running for a long time will feel the leg muscle soreness,and sometimes even appear the phe nomenon of edema or cramps, then you will need a good pair of shin guards.

◆Quality Assurance:

MEIKAN Compression calf sleeves provide graduated compression as standard. This compression is fully tested on EACH Calf Compression Sleeve before it is despatched.

◆MEIKAN Calf Compression Sleeves offer:

1、 MOISTURE WICKING- Breathable material to lift moisture away from your skin to regulate heat during your toughest of workouts.

2、PREMIUM QUALITY – Fabric is a Blend of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex guaranteeing a snug fit and smooth feel for all skin types.

3、IMPROVED CIRCULATION – Aiding recovery from strain.

4、PAIN PREVENTION – Targeting Leg Pain and swelling and can sooth Varicose Veins.

5、GRADUATED COMPRESSION – Ensuring pressure at key points to reduce calf cramps and lessen fatigue.

◆Key Benefits:

6、Stimulate muscle contraction, enhance explosive

7、Promote the venous return, alleviate muscle pain

8、The structure design of left and right foot,Better fit the legs,Human body engineering, foot structure design, provides comfortable experience.

9、Banded hip design, stable and calf muscles, provide support, promote explosive.

10、MEIKAN Calf Compression Sleeves has good elasticity, shin guards, not sliding shift when running


Available in 5 unisex sizes – please see image for size chart.

Gear Calf Sleeve is suitable for MEN AND WOMEN of any age.

Washing instructions: Can be machine washed at 30 degrees or hand washed – always dry flat.

Please note: You may find it difficult to put the sleeves on however,compression garments are supposed to be tight – they would not perform correctly if they were too slack.

  • 【IDEAL CHOICE】– Running, cycling, soccer, rugby, fitness, hiking, gym, yoga, golf, tennis, squash, triathlon, cross fit.Ideal for all sportsmen and women- at any level, people who stand up for long periods at work, fly regularly, suffer from calf strains/muscle pulls/Achilles tendon injuries or to combat deep vein thrombosis!
  • 【BENEFIT OF COMPRESSION】– Essentially, it provides muscle stabilization and reduces muscle vibration & oscillation, thus reducing muscular fatigue and improving strength and endurance, providing stability to the muscle to help prevent micro-trauma, Additionally, increased muscle oxygenation safeguards against injuries, shin splints and cramps, helping you run longer, train harder, and recover faster.
  • 【IMPROVED CIRCULATION】–Enhanced warm-up via increased skin temperature,Reduced effects of delayed onset muscle soreness in the days following strenuous exercise through alleviating swelling and inflammation,by aiding in the removal of blood lactate through improved circulation. helps improve venous insufficiency return, increasing blood flow and circulation. This leads to faster muscle recovery time, as muscles receive more of the oxygenated blood they need to recover.
  • 【PERFECT COMFORT】–Designed to comfortably hug your calves and never feel snug, these compression sleeves will never fall off or wobble while you are in motion, naturally contouring to your calf’s curvature. These sleeves will literally feel like second skin – only one that helps you perform better, too!
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】– The Calf Compression Sleeve have premium quality, breathable & durable fabric made of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex.The Spandex helps maintain firm pressure on the calves due to its superior compression characteristics thereby preventing calf strain and shin splints.Moisture wicking material ensures warmth comfort during the toughest runs & workouts.Perfect fit for men and women of wide range of calf sizes.