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FIFA Quality standard, the EURO 2016 Top Replique Training Football is a version of the match ball being used at this year’s tournament in FranceHaving passed FIFA tests on circumference, weight, rebound and water absorption, the result is a high quality seamless training football that comes with a great touch. Offering high quality and exceptional durability but without the price tag of the official match ball, your training deserves to be taken seriously.With France the hosts, this is an unashamedly red, white and blue offering that incorporates the EURO 2016 logo and ‘Beau Jeu’ (Beautiful Game) on the surface. For added visual identity, a unique touch is that of the numbers 2,0,1,6 on opposite sides.

  • Type: Training Footballs
  • Colour: White
  • Colour 2: Blue
  • Tournament: European Championship
  • Colour 2: Bright Blue