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The FC Bayern Munich KPL Cruiser is our agile Small Car for the journey into the the urban jungle. It is said to bring you quick help and is still handy and compact. You have to spontaneous change modes of transport, kick it just and clamp, S High Up Short under the arm. Getting on the bus or train, out and move on. With a Ollie the socket stones on, then at the slalom between the pedestrians through it and to the target pushen. The topcoat has thanks to its 7 layers of maple wood a good pop what tricks. The wheelbase is short enough to be quick and easy to move, when you’re on the move and also around tight bends. rum to get in while give you the soft wheels enough grip. In short a also more fun mini cruiser for any situation The the FC Bayern Munich logo, one large zip goes all around the top rock. Setup: Trucks: 150 mm reverse kingpin trucks White Wheels: White Sone cold wheels 60 mm 78 A bearings: ABEC7 the board is fully assembled. Plus FREE outdoor on sticker diameter: Approx. 9.5 cm

  • Cruiser of FC Bayern Munich
  • Plus FREE outdoor on sticker approx. 9.5 cm diameter