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‘This double disc will be packed securely by our professional team in a high quality slipcase velvet Digital in a pack with 32-page booklet and offers a journey back in time, the 1932 begins and 84 years later, with the gain, your 26 title (preliminary) Finish. In addition to the fast Dreistu & # X308; ndigen Main “Mia san Meister Movie, in the, Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Oliver Kahn, Lothar Matthew, Stefan Effen Mountain, Sepp Maier and Ottmar heat protection field in exclusive interviews to word, there are a wide Bonus Features (about 70 minutes). For example, with gates of the month, the players of FC Bayern Munich in the 26 Champions saisons is achieved. A must-have for all fans Personalisation is not possible. All Champion Title from 1932 to 2016 in a fast Dreistu & # X308; ndigen Movie Exclusive Interview including Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Kahn, Matthew, heat field world first: First Digital Tally enhanced edition soundtrack made in Hollywood, arranged by Grammy charmWinner than Bonus For example FCB gates of the month from the 26 Meister saisons plus 32 page booklet, Length film about 180 minutes life Length Bonus Material approximately 70 minutes Language: German Video Image format: PAL 16: 9 and free outdoor on sticker approx. 9.5 cm

  • 2 Blu-Ray
  • Length film approx. 180 minutes
  • Length Bonus features 70 minutes ‘plus 32 Page Booklet
  • And free outdoor on sticker approx. 9.5 cm