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Confident, Safe Navigation In The Dark

Tactical flashlights are soon becoming obsolete. As they keep your hands occupied, while they also are in danger of malfunctioning and going out at ANY point in time, they can, in NO way, keep you safe in the dark.

This is why you are in need of the best available means to illuminate your surroundings and move freely in the dark ñ with as much ease as you would during the day!

Introducing With The Best LED Headlamp To Ever Grace The Market

Here are some of our headlightís amazing features & benefits:

✔ Painless Wear: Fits over your head, creating ZERO pressure
✔ Super Bright & Water Resistant: 168 Lumens keep you SAFE at all weather conditions!
✔ FOUR White LED Modes: Tailored illumination in accordance with ambient conditions
✔ THREE Red LED Modes: Perfect for distinguishing yourself from a group or making your presence known during an emergency.
✔ IR Sensor: Hands-free operation, thanks to advanced Infrared Technology.

Whatís In The Box:

✔ 1 x LED Headlamp
✔ 1 x Pack Of Duracell Batteries


✔ Brightness: Max. 168 Lumens [lm]
✔ Button Control Switch
✔ IR Motion Activation
✔ White LED: Three Modes – High, Medium, Low, SOS Flashing;
✔ Red LED: Three Modes: Steady, Flashing, OFF
✔ Power Source: 3 x AAA Lithium Batteries (Supplied)
✔ Working Time: Approx. 120 hours (Depending On Brightness Setting)


DO NOT stare into the lamp for prolonged periods of time, as it may cause eye irritation
DO NOT let kids use the lantern without adult supervision.
NOT suitable for water immersion.

Our Headlamps Are Going FAST At This Price!

  • 168 LUMENS ULTRA BRIGHT LED CREE HEADLAMP: Stay safe in dark no matter what your ambient lighting
  • WATER-RESISTANT: Perfect for outdoors enthusiasts for all-weather running, jogging, biking, hiking
  • Infrared Sensor, White & Red LED Modes as well as an SOS mode: Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, workin
  • 120 hours Run time with 100,000 Hours LED lifetime: Battery-operated (Duracell provided with produ