Special Offer Premium Mini Bicycle Pump By Kolo Sports – Bike Tire Repair Essentials Kit – Frame Mounted 120 Psi Aluminum Telescopic Pump – Presta and Schrader Reversible Valve – Patches and Ball Needle

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When it comes to taking some time off your busy schedule to enjoy yourself, few things are as exhilarating as a countryside bicycle ride, wouldn’t you agree?

But, as any cyclist worth their salt would tell you, nothing ruins a ride faster and more decidedly than a flat tire. Sadly, having a pump and tire repair kit at the ready is something that never occurs to most bicycle owners and riders.

Well, since you’re already reading this, we’ll assume you belong to the other part of the demographic – the smart ones that want to be prepared!

Premium Mini Bicycle Pump & Bike Tire Repair Essentials Kit By Kolo Sports

Designed to take you back on track as quickly as possible, this great bike pump & repair kit may just be exactly what you’re looking for!

The aluminium alloy pump is lightweight but powerful and built to last. It features a heavy duty steel lever and an ergonomic steel handle that can comfortably inflate a tire up to 120 psi in just a few swift presses.

What’s more, its unique telescopic design and reversible dual valve make it compatible with virtually any kind of bike tire!

Be Always Prepared With This Complete Bicycle Pump Kit

In addition to the pump, your new tire repair kit contains a mounting frame, nylon tire levers, ultra strong tire patches, a ball needle, and a detailed owner’s manual.

And even if you’re no bike fan yourself, this amazing bicycle pump set is beautifully packaged and ready to make a great gift for any bicycle lover!

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  • ✓ • PROFESSIONAL GRADE BIKE PUMP: Few things can ruin a perfectly good bicycle ride – but even in that short list, a flat tire is pretty close to the top. But hey – what’s an adventure without a few setbacks, right? Be always prepared to get right back on the road with this lightweight and compact mini bicycle tire pump. Just use the mounting frame to attach it to your bike’s frame!
  • ✓ • SUITABLE FOR ALL BICYCLES: Our bicycle tire pumps and other accessories are made with universal compatibility in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you have a mountain bike or a road bicycle. The pump has two different inflation modes – high pressure ad high volume – and a reversible valve that fits both popular tire valve patterns – Presta & Schrader.
  • ✓ • QUALITY THAT DIFFERS: Forget all about conventional bike hand pumps. When it comes to our tire inflators, we at Kolo Sports make a point of using nothing but lightweight, durable aluminum alloy, superior quality plastic, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. That way, we can be certain they will meet the high standards and expectations of our customers – YOU.
  • ✓ • COMPLETE BICYCLE REPAIR SET: Along with your new mini bicycle pump, you will also receive a full bicycle repair set, complete with anything you may need to fix or change a flat tire: ultra strong glue-less tire patches and 2 nylon tire levers. And because your bike tires aren’t the only thing you may need to inflate, the pump kit also includes a practical ball needle!
  • ✓ • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: At Kolo Sports, we have absolute faith in our premium compact bike tire inflation pumps. After all, they’re what we use on our cycling trips ourselves! If, however, your pump turns out to be something less than you expected, don’t worry – we got you covered! All of our pumps are covered by a limited 5-year warranty!