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Delivery time from Japan to UK/EU is about 1-2 weeks.
Most customer will receive their product within 10 days.
Please contact us if you haven’t received after 2 weeks.

All packages are shipped via Japan Post with insurance and tracking.
Once the package enters UK/EU custom, it will be handled by local post.
In the event the product gone missing, we will either refund or replace.

All purchase comes with 30 days money back guarantee.
This include t-shirt with size issues.

To proceed with size exchange; please send us “return request.”
We will approve the “return request” within 12 hours.
After we received the returned product, we will issue refund.
Once you received the refund, you can reorder correct size t-shirt.

The measurement is approximate. If you’re unsure which size to buy, try measuring a similar t-shirt
that you own and fits well, and compare those measurements to our size chart.


Chest measurement is the circumference of your chest.

Women Medium; Bust range 75-84cm / Bust 44cm / Sleeve 58cm / Length 61cm.

Women Large; Bust range 81-90cm / Bust 47cm / Sleeve 60cm / Length 64cm.

X-Small; Chest range 71-80cm / Chest 42cm / Sleeve 58cm / Length 62cm.

Small; Chest range 77-86cm / Chest 45cm / Sleeve 59cm / Length 65cm.

Medium; Chest range 83-92cm / Chest 48cm / Sleeve 61cm / Length 68cm.

Large; Chest range 89-98cm / Chest 51cm / Sleeve 63cm / Length 71cm.

X-Large; Chest range 95-104cm / Chest 54cm / Sleeve 64cm / Length 74cm.

If you have any questions or issues, please do contact us so we can do our best to help you.

  • Our t-shirts are known to run small and they are not UK standard size. Please take a moment to check the size chart we provided further down the page or picture section that include model as size reference. Our t-shirt is about 1 size below major UK t-shirt brand. To be precise with the sizing, please use the size chart we provided as reference.
  • 100% cotton (except Gray: 85% cotton, 15% rayon). Cotton is organic base fabric and it will shrink if expose to high temperature during wash or drying. Only fabric with high content of polyester has resistance to shrinkage. Our fabric has gone through preshrinking process, but it will not prevent any shrinkage. It could still shrink in the future, but the shrinkage is very minimal at 3-7% of the size of t-shirt, which barely impact the fit of a t-shirt.
  • Hand washing only. If you must wash with machine, please set the washing machine to cold or 30 degrees and its agitation cycle to delicate. Once washed, do not twist or wring the fabric as this will affect the t-shirt shape. Hang up to dry in a room where air can circulate. Use hanger to maintain the shape of the t-shirt. (Never dry the t-shirt in dryer as it will shrink the t-shirt).
  • Why t-shirt shrink in machine wash? All organic base fabric shrink because fiber shrinkage is the natural response of plant fibers to heat. This fiber spun into thread woven into fabric are hold together by hydrogen bond. When you add hot water and agitation from the washer, the hydrogen bond that has been holding the fabric together will break. Once broken, it will allow the fabric to relax and fall into more condense state and now the fabric take less space and therefore they had shrunken.
  • All our t-shirts are printed from our workshop in Japan and all t-shirts are made after order. Our production method consists of silk screen, digital printing, and vinyl sticker. Depending on the art work, we use different type of production method. We stand by the quality of our products and all purchase comes with 30 days’ money back guarantee with no question ask. Please do contact us if you have any questions or issues, so we can do our best to help you.