Special Offer XJoel USB Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light Rear Bike Tail light

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Size: 2*3*8 cm
Rear bicycle light LED with a built in rechargeable lithium polymer battery (3.7V 500mAh) , IPX4 waterproof, USB cable, rubber mounting band (fits 0.47″ – 1.26″)

  • The long hours it can display without the battery dying out. Plus its a rechargeable battery, Distance dark and the red led is a perfect deflector and can be seen a mile away when flashing or strobe.High visibility up to 200 meter visible, durable and water resistant IPX4 Protected against splashing water from any angle
  • SB Rechargeable battery, automatically cut off when fully charged to protect battery.USB to Micro USB rechargeable Rear Bicycle Light – The bicycle rear light charges from your computer or any device with a USB port. Only takes 2 hours to fully charge.
  • 5 modes: .Press&HOLD 1.5 seconds on the on/off when start to use, will directly into Flashing Mode. then single press will change the flashing speed.” press single on/off quickly into the lighting, won’t flashing, just have standard/high/over drive lighting!
  • The normal way of installing the tail light is with the teeth tie and holds it on the bar that you’ve installed it on, and the tail light slots into the unit tightly enough that it won’t come loose accidentally.The other way is to zip tying the harness around the seat peg, then secure the remote to the handlebars with the rubber retaining band
  • A micro USB port on the side of the tail light assembly eliminates the need to remove the battery and charge on a separate charging port. Just slide the light off of the bike seat assembly and plug in a cable (provided) to the micro USB port. The USB port has a little rubber cover to keep the port closed and protected when not in use