Special Offer Yellow Frog Sports Sack – Heavy Duty, Durable, Waterproof Sports Changing Bag/Mat For Wetsuits & Wet Kit – Waterproof Kit Bag/Mat For Collecting Kit When Changing From Dirty, Muddy Or Wet Kit / Wetsuit After Surfing, Triathlon, Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), Rafting, Kayaking, SUP

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Durable and Waterproof Changing Bag Mat

Getting changed and collecting wet kit without losing anything has never been easier:

1. Go out and have fun

2. Open out the Yellow Frog Changing Bag Mat and step on it

3. Get changed and drop your kit where you stand

4. Pull the draw string together to collect everything into the waterproof bag

5. Go and have more fun

What Sets Yellow Frog Changing Bag Mat Apart From The Rest?

WATERPROOF – no water will leak through into your car or other kit

SAND-FREE – it stops sand covering wet wetsuits when you’re getting changed on the beach

LARGE DIAMETER – it gives a large area (Diameter 99cm/39 inches) to stand on for getting changed and collect your belongings on

COMPACT – when not in use it folds small so it’s easy to pack

PROTECTS WETSUIT – don’t risk damaging your wetsuit on rough ground, tarmac or concrete

EASILY CLEANED – quick and easy to rinse down after use

DON’T LOSE KIT – Bag provides a mat to solid base to put kit/keys/belongings to avoid it getting lost in sand or long grass

Note: Due to the risk of entanglement in the drawstrings, this should be kept out of the reach of children

What is your risk?

Nothing. If you are not happy with our product we will refund 100% of your money.
Our products are always backed by 100% Money Back No Question Asked Guarantee!
Get this amazing Sports Sack today. You will not regret investing in high quality bag for your kit/wetsuit.
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  • WATERPROOF – Stops wet kit or wetsuits from leaking onto other clean kit or car interiors
  • EASE OF USE – Just lay the open bag on the floor below you, drop your wetsuit/kit as you change and pull the drawstring to close the bag and keep everything together
  • PROTECTS WETSUIT – shields your neoprene wetsuit from rough ground (e.g. tarmac, concrete, etc) to prevent damage
  • EASILY WASHED – Once you’re home and emptied the bag, it can easily be washed down avoiding the stale bag smell so many kit bags pick up
  • LARGE AND SMALL – Opens out into a large changing area (Diameter 99cm/39 inches), but folds compact when not in use.